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About GradeScores

All parents would wish to have their children admitted to university. However, the reality on ground is that a number of students, despite their good performance in the university entry examinations, do not make it on the university admissions lists! Research also shows that the majority of students prioritize the famous courses such as Law, Engineering, Journalism and Medical Professions among others, which are normally very competitive at national level. Other students simply do not know that they need to put in more efforts in their studies, therefore missing out on joining University.

At eHub Uganda Limited, we know that these challenges, not only negatively impact on the career path of students but will also directly affect the parents and guardians who are working so hard every day to provide a decent education to their children.

To this effect, we at eHub Uganda Limited think that equipping the parents, guardians, sponsors and students with our well-researched, compiled and up-to-date information will greatly guide them to make informed decisions in preparation for their students' higher education. We believe that right from a very early age, students must be aware of some of these very basic information and the parents and guardians must constantly monitor and evaluate their children's class performances, identify and support them according to their strengths, talents and weaknesses.

To achieve this, our platform provides the following information:

  • Universities Intake Requirements

    Access to carefully compiled information indicating subject requirements for courses, in both public and private.

  • Minimum Entry Points

    Access up-to-date standard minimum entry points for the courses in all the available universities.

  • Class Scores

    You can choose to archive, retrieve and evaluate your student's class performance at anytime, anywhere.

  • Universities

    Check out the available public and private universities with their respective courses.

  • Resources

    Have access to the available learning resources on our platform.

  • Courses and Possible Jobs

    Know the possible jobs and areas of specialization for each course.

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Commonwealth Scholarships/FAWE 2018 Nomination Invitation ( International )

Makerere University

Bachelor Commerce (External - Arua)


Meet our team

C.E.O & Systems Analyst

A graduate of BSc. Computer Information Systems from Africa University, Zimbabwe, Lillian set out to explore the potential of the Internet to re-define the terms of information access to academic resources.

Research & Data Officer

BSc. Information Technology
Makerere University

Liaison Officer
Public Relations Officer

What Students say about us

This site is marvelous. I did not know how to choose what subjects to take at HSC. It has actually helped me to look further and know what course I will need to apply for. I love it

Awate Kanju
St. Lawrence High School

The site is fully accessible with past papers, cutoff points at different universities and different subjects to take. This has helped me plan out what exactly I need for my future

Gilbert Deng Okafor
London College of St. Lawrence

Am glad I subscribed to GradeScores platform. I wanted to apply for Journalism but I did not know that Journalism is not government-sponsored

Patricia Achiro
St. Joseph's Senior Secondary School, Naggalama

The platform is convenient and helps us to access past papers and also know the cutoff points of entry at different public and private universities

Agaba Richard
London College of St. Lawrence

Am glad I subscribed to the GradeScores platform. I visit it often when I want almost all universities information. It is helping me to prepare for my A Level in terms of the subject combination

Kusemererwa Mercy
Makerere College School


Parents/Guardians, Sponsors, Schools and Students can register and own GradeScores Accounts
They say, "Bend a tree when it is young!" Yes your child needs to register. The earlier they get this knowledge, the better.
Yes. Only the parents can own one account with the child.
You can use the following available options to make the payments: MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, e-wallet Pesapal, American Express, VISA and Mastercard.
Yes. The platform is secured with Comodo Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate
Yes. Your Credit Card is secure and PesaPal does not keep your card information
Payment is renewable annually
We are working with universities and some educators from some schools who provide us with this information.
We use the standard grading system provided by UNEB
You can direct the school to provide us with the report and we shall upload it for you.
No, the child cannot input his results. We are happy to do that.
Not at the moment but for now, we are working with the schools who provide this information
No, its not compulsory to provide the child's termly results. However, having your child's report in the system will avoid loss of results and will help in monitoring the child's performance.
Only you and your child can access your account details
Avoid sharing your passwords and always log out of your account especially if using public computers
No, we do not provide scholarships. However, you can always check on the various links to scholarship opportunities available on our website.